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New food cleaning for Prolavage - Angers (France)
CTW is going to install a new tank cleaning for the French company Prolavage. This food cleaning will consist of 2 washing lanes that will be equipped with 2x CTW TC unit, a low-pressure dosing unit, washing heads A...
Wishing you a bright and safe 2018!
Brigth and safe 2018!
New chemical cleaning - 200 bar - Cotac Belgium
Earlier this year, CTW has developed and installed a brand-new latex cleaning unit for Cotac (Hoyer Group). After this successful project, they decided to work again with CTW, for the installation of a new chemical...
New food cleaning for H&S cleaning (Vlissingen - The Netherlands)
CTW has closed a new agreement with H&S cleaning, a company in Vlissingen (the Netherlands). The new cleaning will consits of 3 washing lanes for food.
New car wash in Maasmechelen - (Mastercarwash)
This new self car wash consists of 4 covered washing boxes and is perfect located next to the new service station of Gabriëls. All the boxes are equipped with the following washing programs: prewash, foam lance, fo...
New bulk & food tank cleaning for Katoennatie (Liefkenshoektunnel)
Katoennatie has signed a new agreement with CTW, for a new tank cleaning installation that consists of 2 washing lanes for food cleaning and 2 washing lanes for bulk cleaning.