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Sometimes a business has to expand, which was the case for the gas station 'Carwash & Fuel Grenspoal' in Molenbeersel (Belgium).

Due to an exponential growth of the gas station's customer base in recent years, owner Tilmans-Pouls & Zoon NV began looking into possibilities for expansion. This search led to the purchase of the neighboring site of an old garage, which was subsequently demolished and replaced by a new building.

Soon after the construction of their new building had started, Tilmans-Pouls & Zoon already started looking into additional investments. It was then that they contacted us for the construction of a new self-service car wash installation.

State-of-the-art self-service car wash

The new building of Tilmans-Pouls & Zoon is a state-of-the-art complex, which obviously meant that their new self-service car wash - which had to be built in front of the building - had to be state-of-the-art as well. 

And so we delivered a modern installation with all the trimmings:

Five covered washing bays

When Tilmans-Pouls & Zoon first became the owner of Grenspoal back in 2014, the gas station already had a self-service car wash with three washing bays. Because of the expansion and other investments, such as the construction of a new fuel pump on the gas station's forecourt, the old self-service car wash was demolished and replaced by a new installation adjacent to the new building.

Tilmans Pouls & Zoon's new self-service car wash consists of five covered washing bays in stainless steel construction with glass partitions. The washing bays have a 3.50m high ceiling so that vans and smaller work buses can also be washed.

The self-service car wash's frame was also finished using the same style of black panels as the new building, so to make everything look like a whole.


Various wash programmes & payment options

Tilmans-Pouls & Zoon's customers can choose from 7 different wash programmes (rim cleaner, pre-wash, foam lance, foam brush, rinse, hot wax, and gloss rinse). In addition, Tilmans-Pouls & Zoon can manage their washing programmes to decide which programmes use hot and/or cold water. This helps the business save a lot of money, bearing in mind today's (high) energy prices.

The multiple payment terminals offer customers various payment options, as they can either opt to pay with cash, their bank cards or their smartphones (QR code and barcode scanner).


Technical room on the first floor

A unique feature of Grenspoal's self-service car wash is the installation's technical room, which was built on the first floor of Tilman-Pouls & Zoon's new building, rather than in between or next to the washing bays, as is usually the case.

This layout allowed us to make room for one additional washing bay at the ground level and also makes it easier to expand and build more washing bays if the client wishes to do so in the future.

The technical room is located on the first floor of our new building. We could indeed have decided to built it at the ground level, but then we would have had to sacrifice one of the washing bays. Moreover, the current layout offers the possibility to further expand our self-service car wash in the future, if we wish to do so. The distance between the technical room and the washing bays is also quite short, which made the construction perfectly technically feasible.

Vital Tilmans, owner of Grenspoal

Management system & rainwater collection system

We also provided the self-service car wash with a smart digital management system. This allows Tilmans-Pouls & Zoon to manage its installation completely remotely (adjust settings, view revenues/alerts/performance, etc.).

Finally, we also installed a collection system for rainwater on the roof of the new building and the adjoining (old) warehouse. After collection, the rainwater is stored in several tanks (80,000 litres capacity) and can be used during the washing process. This also allows Tilmans-Pouls & Zoon to run a self-sufficient installation and save a considerable amount of money on its water supply.


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