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Cotac's Rotterdam tank cleaning installation

Food and chemical tank cleaning

Installation of a tank cleaning station in Rotterdam, Netherlands, for Cotac Rotterdam, one of the biggest tank cleaning operators located in the heart of the port of Rotterdam.

Cotac has an independent network of tank cleaning and service stations for tank trucks, tank containers, and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) in several European countries. In the past, CTW has also installed a tank cleaning facility for Cotac Belgium, a member of the Cotac Group. For the customer, renovation and expansion were the base for a brand-new food cleaning hall with two washing lanes and a chemical cleaning hall for four containers.

The installation, which was custom-built for Cotac Rotterdam features:

  • Large landing platforms with lengths of 9 and 12m
  • Full automatic control options
  • Software which enables Cotac to link its washing orders, forms, and certificates
  • Adjustable washing programs in combination with steam injection
  • Washing path accessories: compressed air hoists, washing heads, steam injection next to the washing heads, automatic hose reels, trolleys and a washing chute for cleaning or drying hoses

CTW’s new tank cleaning unit became the heart of the installation. The unit is built with CTW’s new Compact HP-Unit with two flange-connected high pressure pumps controlled by frequency converters. Water filters, a pre-pressure pump, product injection, and monitoring are also standard equipment on the new unit.

The firm’s new technology included in its tank cleaning units has helped Cotac and will help new clients to achieve the following:

  • 50% less noise in the technical room  
  • 50% less vibrations on the pipework
  • Requires less suface – energy saving

Together with the client, CTW defined the needs concerning Cotac’s food lane. This resulted in an all-in-one system to clean tanks and containers in the quickest and most efficient way possible. After the fine-tuning and the start-up of the cleaning installation, the results were an added value for Cotac.

To offer the best quality and performance, CTW has equipped the chemical washing lanes for the four containers with the best parts of its range. The entire technical installation was built in a 20ft container that was placed directly next to the new chemical washing lanes. The traditional work method of the customer associated with this new tank cleaning installation makes it possible to provide more capacity.

CTW adheres to its vision – speed, quality and price. These are three important factors that make the difference for most clients. 

Recently, CTW has installed a brand new tank cleaning station with two washing lanes for food products. This cleaning installation was built for a huge tank cleaning operator in the Netherlands, Cotac Rotterdam. In addition, Cotac has made a request to CTW for the installation of another new cleaning station.

This second tank cleaning installation, designed for the chemical sector, is custom-built for Cotac and features:

  • Two washing lanes for the cleaning of four containers
  • Six washing heads per washing lane, among them two jumbo heads
  • A large loading platform with a length of 12m, built according to all safety standards
  • Four hydraulic fall traps
  • Automatic and manual valves
  • Washing lane accessories, such as automatic hose reels, trolleys, hoists driven by compressed air for the insertion of washing heads into the container
  • Steam injection next to the washing heads
  • Fully automatic control options
  • Software enabling Cotac to link its washing orders, forms and certificates

CTW has built the technical installation inside a 20ft container that is placed next to the washing lane. The installation consists of two low-pressure dosing pumps, one manual hand cleaning unit, two steam heat exchangers, and two CTW tank cleaning units with soundless high-pressure pumps. A pre-built technical installation in a container requires less space and is easy to transport. The whole installation is being prepared and tested by CTW. Using this kind of installation can provide for fast and efficient tank cleaning.

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