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CIP/SIP & Latex circulation unit

Latex circulation unit

When it comes to tank cleaning, latex and synthetic resin are some of the hardest products to remove and clean. Both materials can leaven hardened residues that require a thorough approach, which we can offer through our custom units

Our latex circulation units automate the entire cleaning and removal process. The necessary cleaning agents circulate through the tanks and/or containers in a closed system until the interior surfaces are completely clean. Thanks to the automation users can clean a lot more thoroughly, efficiently and safely.

Since the hardened residues that need to be cleaned are so hard to clean/remove, they usually require dangerous and corrosive cleaning agents. That is why we build our installations with durable materials that are best suited to harness the corrosive nature of the cleaning agents and always implement a built-in protection system against leaks and exposure.

Our latex circulation units offer:

  • Thorough and complete cleaning
  • Automated product mixing
  • Short and automatic cleaning cycle
  • Optimal water usage and recuperation
  • Stainless steel filtering system
  • User-friendly control system
  • Safe and technological work environment
  • Cleaner or operator no longer has to enter the tank internally for cleaning
  • 50 to 80 cleanings with a badge

Cleaning & Sterilization In Place (CIP/SIP)

When it comes to hygiene-sensitive installations and production processes, a good cleaning and sterilization system is an absolute necessity to maintain a safe and sterile working environment. This is especially true for industries such as the food production industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

To help keep the food and pharmaceutical chain safe, we design and build custom CIP and SIP installations for an optimal cleaning and/or sterilization with health and safety as our primary drivers (HACCP). Our installations are fully automated and tailored to all important parameters and factors of our clients facilities. This way, we make sure that they can easily manage and configure their own cleaning and sterilization settings. 

Our CIP and SIP installations offer:

  • Cleaning at a microbiological level
  • Automated product dosage
  • Optimal water consumption and recuperation
  • Performance and efficiency reports
  • Modular and scaleable construction

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