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Over 40 years of experience in automated cleaning systems

CTW is both a household name and pioneer within the Belgian cleaning industry. We combine decades of experience with the newest technologies to develop and build modern and automated cleaning systems. Whether it’s a small and modular installation or a big all-in-one system, we make sure that all of our projects are tailored to our clients and their needs.

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CTW Tank Cleaning unit

A complete new tankcleaning unit provided with the newest technology. Designed with Pratissoli pumps for intense use and suitable for the cleaning of industrial applications. The CTW units are available in different variants, are both energy- and cost-efficient and have an unlimited pressure and flow capacity. Suitable as a completely new installation and also a perfect solution for expansion of an already existing tank cleaning.

  • Frequency regulated
  • Flow measurement
  • 50% less noise
  • 50% less vibrations
  • Energy savings
  • Surface savings, access to all parts
CTW Tank Cleaning Unit

Some of our satisfied clients

  • CTW client Niagara
  • CTW client Adpo
  • CTW client Gobo
  • CTW client HTC
  • CTW client TWZ
  • CTW client Ottowash
  • CTW client ProLavage
  • CTW client VAG
  • CTW client Bubblewash
  • CTW client cleancar
  • CTW client Essers
  • CTW client Goodwash
  • CTW client Uhoda
  • CTW client tankclean sweden
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