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Wheel wash installations for vehicles up to 60 tonnes.

Wheel wash installations

Our mobile wheel wash installations are by far some of the biggest pieces of industrial cleaning equipment within our range. When it comes to our wheel wash installations, we sell both our own installations and those of our official partner Wheelwash ltd.

Our mobile wheel wash installations are built to clean and wash freight and cargo vehicles to get them ready to hit the road again. Our installations can be placed anywhere due to their modular construction and are built to handle both vehicles with a weight of up to 60 tonnes (load included).

While driving, the tires and chassis of the vehicle are rinsed with water under high pressure. This process is fully automated and takes no longer than half a minute. The installation uses a lot less energy in comparison to a manual rinsing and collects up to 90% of the used water to filter for reuse.

All of our wheel wash installations can be bought, rented or leased and can be used in following industries:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Waste processing
  • Agriculture

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