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At CTW, the majority of our projects center around designing and developing cleaning systems. However, over the years we have learned to apply our experience and use our modern facilities to expand our range of possibilities. Hence, we also design and build heating systems for tanks and containers.

Our container heating systems can be used to warm up the contents of tanks and containers in order to facilitate cleaning and production processes. All of our installations are custom-built based on an analysis of the number of tanks and containers our clients use, as well as the contents that need be warmed up. After we have analysed all important factors, we design and build a heating system based on steam with condensate recovery and hot water via boiler system.

When we deliver and install our heating systems, we integrate the systems within our clients installations and link it to their product databases. This way our clients can add heating parameters such as temperature, composition and viscosity for each product. The heating process is constantly monitored and all data is automatically logged.

Our heating systems offer:

  • Safe and fast heating
  • Temperature monitoring and control
  • Heat resistant and fireproof installation
  • User friendly and economical system

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