Automate your IBC cleaning process

IBC Cleaning

Automatizations and optimization of your IBC cleaning process

IBCs are one of the most versatile and most used mobile storage systems across all industries because of their design and practical characteristics. Whereas these practical characteristics are plenty, IBCs do however lack what we like to call “cleaning friendliness”. Many organisations therefore still have to clean their IBCs manually, which often takes a lot of time, money and effort.

With our custom IBC cleaning units, we can help our clients save their time, money and effort when it comes to cleaning their IBCs by automating and optimizing their IBC cleaning processes.

Advantages IBC cleaning units

Compact & modular construction

Our IBC cleaning units are designed as compact and modular stand-alone units. That is why we can easily customize our units to meet our clients’ needs, as well as upgrade and scale up each unit without any real limitations and whenever our clients want.

Fast & thorough cleaning

Our IBC cleaning units help our clients to clean their IBCs in a more efficient way and increase their overall productivity as an organisation. In comparison with a manual cleaning process, our installations require less energy and water, yet deliver a faster and more thorough cleaning result. This way, our clients save a considerable amount of time, money and energy compared to a manual or outsourced cleaning.

To give our clients an accurate prediction of how cost-effective a custom IBC cleaning unit can be, we help our clients with preliminary case studies to show the ratios between costs, savings and potential returns.

Safe, durable & user-friendly control system

Last but not least, we implement a safe, durable and user-friendly control system, as we do for all of our custom installations and units, to make sure that our clients can easily manage and optimize their installations themselves.

Our IBC cleaning units: 

  • Comply with all necessary safety standards and come with an ATEX certificate.
  • Produce 80% waste water
  • Protect users from chemical exposure
  • Have an automated control system that requires less staff.
  • Automate the cleaning process and log all important data (temperature, time, dosages, alarms, etc..)
  • Facilitate mobile management, monitoring and configuration. 
IBC Cleaning installation in action

Try out our cleaning installations for IBC's

When we buy something ourselves, we always like to know exactly what it is that we are buying and how it works. That is why we offer free demo and test sessions for our IBC cleaning units. This way clients or interested parties can get a firsthand view of how our units look and operate, as well as ask our experts for any additional information.

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