Mobile brushing machines for truck washing & more ctw

Mobile brushing machines for truck washing & more

Brushing machines from Bitimec for truck wash

Within our range of industrial cleaning equipment we also offer mobile brushing machines from Bitimec, one of our international partners for whom we are an exclusive dealer in Belgium. 

Bitimec brushing machines are designed to wash and clean all sorts of company and commercial vehicles such as trucks, vans and busses. The brushing machines are built with stainless steel frames, large water tanks, adjustable brushes, built-in sprinklers/nozzles and other elements to facilitate and optimize the entire vehicle washing process.

Mobile brushing machines for truck washing CTW


Our mobile brushing machines can help you:

  • Soap, wash and rinse any vehicle in less than 10 minutes
  • Save up to 75% on staff costs, detergents, water and energy
  • Work safely and not need to worry about large maintenance costs or requirements
  • Wash anytime and anywhere without the need for a fixed water or power source

Within our Bitimec range we offer both manual and automatic brushing machines as well as electricity and diesel powered models. To make sure our clients get the right brushing machine for the job, we always advise them based on their washing needs and budget.

Download our catalogue by clicking on the button down below or read more about out Bitimec mobile brushing machines.

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