Stationary high-pressure units CTW

High pressure units for industrial cleaning

Stationary high-pressure units

Besides our wide range of mobile high-pressure washers, we also sell stationary high-pressure washing units.

Our stationary washing units are designed and built for intense industrial use and can be used to clean production areas/rooms and other industrial structures. Our units are versatile and available in different variants, are both energy- and cost-efficient and have an unlimited pressure and flow capacity.

Besides being efficient and having a virtually unlimited work capacity, our stationary washing units are also built with a strong stainless steel cover to withstand regular water exposure and overall contamination. That is why our units can be installed within the production rooms, without any risk of damaging the unit during the cleaning/washing process.

When choosing their ideal high-pressure washer, we advise our clients based on their cleaning or washing needs to find or build the best pressure washing unit for them. Additionally, we also offer test and demo sessions where they can try out multiple models.

Our stationary high-pressure units consist of:

  • Single-pump or multi-pump pump unit
  • Hot or cold water input (40°C – 85°C)
  • Temperature and dry-running protection
  • Frequency controller
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Stainless steel break tank
  • PLC controller
Stationary high-pressure units ctw cleaning

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