Car wash modernizations & renovation works

Renovate your carwash installation

Whatever industry you are in, it is always important to keep moving forward. That is why at CTW we always look to implement the latest technologies and techniques for both our new and renovation projects. We take on all sorts of renovation projects, ranging from simple technical modernizations to complete demolition works and rebuilds.

To help you renovate your self-service car wash, we start with a thorough analysis of your installation. We use this to advise you on all possibilities within your budget and to design a plan for a complete update of all essential infrastructure, software and accessories.

Modernize and expand your carwash

At CTW, renovation means innovation. By closely monitoring all developments within our industry, we are able to constantly better our services and modernize your installation in a targeted manner. Whether you want to build extra washing bays or integrate new washing programs, we can upgrade your installation both technically and structurally to make it durable and advanced again for your clients to wash their cars.

new budget-friendly construction type

Back in 2020, we expanded our range with a new budget-friendly construction type made specifically for renovation projects. In addition to our stainless steel constructions, we now  also offer a galvanized steel construction. This new construction type can easily be expanded and customized, which makes it ideal for both renovation and new projects with a smaller budget. 

self carwash renovation ctw cleaning

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