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Versatile and energy-efficient washing units

Stationary low pressure units

Our stationary low pressure washing units come in multiple variants and have an adjustable pressure capacity between 5 and 40 bar.  Our units are built with one or multiple Grundfos stainless steel and frequency-controlled centrifugal pumps. Grundfos pumps are known for their quality and ensure that the unit always produces the right amount of power as a function of the water discharge, virtually eliminating pressure and flow differences during the washing/cleaning process.

In addition, all our units are always equipped with an intelligent control system that has a built-in start-stop function. This system ensures an efficient use of both water and electricity and reduces maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Finally, clients also have the possibility of combining their washing unit with an additional foam and disinfection unit.

When choosing their ideal high pressure washer, we advise our clients based on their cleaning or washing needs to find or build the best pressure washing unit for them.

Stationary low pressure units ctw cleaning

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