CTW Cleaning systems in the spotlight

Jeni Real Estate likes to put its clients in the spotlight and highlight the business in which they work.

Since 2011, Jeni Real Estate has been developing real estate projects for commercial and residential purposes. A successful real estate company that realizes high-quality projects tailored to the customer, with an eye for detail and a vision for success.

Jonas Schellekens from CTW Cleaning Systems receives us this time for an interview in Turnhout. CTW Cleaning Systems established itself in Business Park Everdongen in 2018. They opted for a custom building with a visible location and placed one of their self-service car washes on their outdoor area. 

CTW specializes in car wash, tank cleaning & industrial cleaning equipment. “With respect and gratitude for the first generation, today the second generation is following up the warm family business. A family business, where a personal bond with employees and customers is central. Everyone here knows each other and we also like to get to know our customers. All our projects always start with a personal introduction. This way we can advise you on a tailor-made solution from the start.”

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