Complete renovation in Zonhoven

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carwash renovation Zonhoven

Renovation of car wash installation Zonhoven

Renovation of a 4-piece self car wash. The car wash installation has been completely renewed and the construction has been given a complete makeover.

The complete car wash construction was disassembled and replaced by the very first new CTW galva 2020 construction. Instead of glass walls, a strong bache is opted for showing the washing instructions.

Self car wash with 4 covered wash boxes

There are 4 covered boxes equipped with the following washing programs: rim cleaner, prewash, foam lance, foam brush, rinsing, hotwax and gloss rinsing. The site is also equipped with

  • 3 vacuum cleaners
  • 2 dustbin
  • 2 carpet beaters.

To put the car wash in the spotlight, there is a large billboard on the street side and advertising panels are provided around the car wash construction.

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