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Software & certificates


At CTW, we provide all of our operating systems with proprietary software. We develop the software exclusively for our own installations, yet it is also compatible with operating systems other than our own. Thus, you can also implement our software in your tank cleaning installation and link it to your computer network, even if your installation was not built by us.

We use our software to automate the entire cleaning process. All systems and databases are interlinked, as well as connected to our clients’ computer network and devices. Through the PLC management system our clients can program their installations, change washing programs, alter dosages and set alarms. Additionally, they can also monitor and optimize all important parameters such as temperature, pressure, and product ratio’s.


In addition to an optimal operation through our software, we also always guarantee a safe operation of our installations. We make sure that both our business and our realizations meet all important national and international quality and safety standards set for our industry. We are part of the EFTCO.

We therefore also know the importance of documentation. That is why our software documents the entire cleaning process, from registering cleaning orders to generating the necessary paperwork afterwards. Our systems link the databases with customer information to the right orders to automatically generate documents such as the washing certificate (ECD), washing receipts and invoices, which makes it easier for our clients to provide their customers with the right paperwork. 

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