Carwash - Trois Lavage Voiture - Quincy-sous-Sénart (France)

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Complete renovation of a carwash structure in France

CTW has installed a completely new carwash construction for a French customer. There are 6 covered washing bays, 1 box has a roll-over. The carwash is also placed in the spotlight by means of blue LED lighting that takes place at the top of the transverse gutter of the construction.

The total approach of CTW

CTW has its own metalworking production workshop. We have all the necessary craftsmen and machines at our disposal to manufacture and assemble all structural elements for your carwash facility. Because we work with stainless steel, you can expect a service life of 25 years or more.

Our design team and workshop are housed in the same company building. This ensures short lines and clear communication between design and production.

This total approach distinguishes us from many other suppliers who focus exclusively on design and sales or on production. We have the entire process in our own hands, which provides extra quality guarantees and maximum flexibility for our customers.

For the carwash structure, all parts are custom made by our experienced welders. We have high-quality solutions for every budget. In addition to the carwash boxes, we also build the necessary technical space and vacuum cleaner installations.

A complete carwash makeover

For this customer, our technicians were responsible for the dismantling of an old existing construction. In addition, the new 6-piece stainless steel carwash construction was installed with vandalism-proof glass partitions. The technical room in which the technology / installation is located was provided with new sandwich panels. The entire exterior of the carwash was given a complete face lift and makeover. To put the carwash in the spotlight, the customer has also opted to provide LED strips on the rain gutters.

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