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Renovation of the self carwash combined with a washing street in Hasselt

After some conversations with CTW, the owner op Top Carwash Hasselt – Dimitri Janssens – chose for a switch in the carwash’ installation. He’s the son of the current owner and will take over the place very soon. He wants a thought out investment in renewal and optimalisation of the self car wash. Top Carwash Hasselt wants to be innovating, offer an excellent washing quality and is looking for efficiency to get through the next generation without issues. The self carwash should be easy to use for its clients and should offer the best ‘top’ quality as the name says.

The current construction and washing floor stay the same. The four-part self carwash in the covered hall and the washing street are still in great shape and offer the clients everything they need.

New installation of the self carwash

Because of the limited space a modular frame was built. It was built on industrial stationary high pressure units, implemented by four washing places and provided with dosing pumps for wax and shampoo. Because the carwash is installed indoor, a no-frost system wasn’t necessary.

The owner of the carwash chose the possible washing programs. Their clients can use the following programs: pre-wash, foam brush, rinse, hot wax and final rinse. The water softening system guarantees the quality of the supply water.  Because of the persistent increase in gas prices the owner chose not to install a boiler and only use cold and/or osmosis water for the washing programs.

The operating totems were provided with a touch screen. Next to this panel a new token machine was installed. This machine accepts paying cash, by card or with your smartphone.

PLC system to consult costs

One of the client’s wishes was to consult his incomes from a distance. The PLC system forms the center of the whole carwash installation. Combined with the touch screen terminal and cellphone module, the client can manage his whole carwash: an overview of business hours, daily and monthly incomes, possible malfunctions, price settings, costs etc. Everything can be consulted on every moment of the day and can be managed when it’s necessary.

In combination with the newest washing techniques and low maintenance costs, everything is covered: a green, viable carwash with an independent management system.

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