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Renovation of a 4-piece washing system at Schmit Service in Arlon

A while ago, Garage Schmit Service from Aarlen (Belgium) contacted us concercing the renovation of their existing 4-piece selfwash system. Their current stainless steel carwash construction has served well for more than 15 to 20 years, but with a view to greater efficiency, it was time for renewal.

By replacing the original technical installation, Schmit Service did not only want to focus on a more efficient washing process, they also wanted to keep their costs under better control. Not only the technical side of the construction was taken care of. The self-service car wash also got a completely new look. With new instruction signs, lettering and stickers, the carwash installation at Schmit was prepared for many additional years of service.

A new carwash system with tons of opportunities

Schmit Service approached CTW for a complete renovation of their existing carwash system. The wash floor is about the only thing that has been preserved. The construction, control panels, token distributor and the high pressure group were upgraded for the best possible customer experience. With a view to user-friendliness, the totems were also equipped with touchscreen control panels.

Thanks to good planning and organization and a clear coordination with Schmit Services, the renovation work went very smoothly. We were able to ensure a quick finish within 1 week.

The result: a modern construction with an extensive range

After a week of renovation work, the result can certainly be seen. Schmit Service can now provide customers with 4 renewed covered washing boxes that are equipped with numerous washing programs. From prewash and wheel cleaner, foam lances and brushes to hot wax and gloss rinses. The foam lance option was provided on 2 wash boxes for customers who do not wish to use brushes. By providing these 2 extra washing programs, Schmit wants to make the offer as extensive as possible for its customers.

Thanks to high-quality technology, Schmit Services customers can contact them 24/7 for a shiny car. After all, customers can purchase wash tokens completely themselves. In addition to the existing banknote reader, we have added the option to pay with bank card + smartphone (VALINA).

But the renovation does not only offer customers many new possibilities. The manager of Schmit Service now also uses a completely new management system, which we integrated in the control box. In this way, the configuration, income and any alarms can be managed remotely and he is continuously up-to-date about the status of the car wash system.

Installation specifications

Garage Schmit Service's self-service car wash has been completely renovated and consists of:

  • 4 fully equipped, covered washboxes
  • 7 wash programs (rim cleaner, prewash, foam lance, foam brush, rinse, hot wax and rinse)
  • Totems with touchscreen control panels
  • Money exchange machine with note reader and possibility to pay with bank card and smartphone
  • Integrated CTW management system in control cabinet
  • Vacuum cleaner island with 2 powerful vacuum cleaners

In a week's time, CTW turned our original washing installation into a modern and high-tech self-car wash. They also integrated the CTW management system in our control box, so that we are always up-to-date on the status of our car wash.

Nicolas Schaul - Garage Schmit Service

Launching the renovated washing system

Schmit Service could already count on many regular customers because their car wash service has been known in the Arlon region for years. Also casual passers-by and customers of their gas station sometimes stop at the self-car wash, just like customers of their automatic carwash who are now invited to try manual washing thanks to the renovated installation.

In addition, Schmit Service expects to attract a lot of new customers in view of the new options that their self-service car wash now offers, such as washing wheels and foam lances. “We notice that word of mouth has already had a big impact in the region, but the publications about our extensive renovation on social networks also do not miss their target.”

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