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Energy-efficient installation in Sint-Kruis, Belgium

With over 40 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have already designed and built hundreds of self-service car washes. Over those 40 years, we have always kept improving our knowledge and improving our technologies, which allowed us to constanlty modernise our installations and experiment with our projects, which is exactly what we did for Yves Picard, owner of ‘Splashwash’.

I had been looking for a suitable location and partner to install a self-service car wash for quite some time. During my search, I decided to go with CTW.

Yves Picard – owner of Splashwash

Newcomer in the carwash world

Owner Yves Picard is a newcomer in the carwash world. Before he came to us, he had been looking for a suitable location and partner to install a carwash. In the end, his choice fell on us at CTW. 

The entrepreneur from Bruges opted for the D5 NEW 2000 high-performance washing installation in a separate technical room. The car wash is equipped with 8 covered bays, 5 of which are washing bays, and a vacuum island with 3 powerful Tempest vacuum cleaners. 

Economical installation 

The car wash is equipped with a 5-part car wash unit built on a powder-coated steel frame. The high-pressure pumps (lnterpump HT4715 S) are set at 120 bar and 11 litres per minute, driven by electric motors (1,000 rpm). 

“The car wash unit contains a PLC system, which is the heart of the car wash”, explains lben Schellekens, Marketing Manager of CWI . “In combination with a touchscreen terminal, the entire car wash can be managed. This ensures that the CWI car wash is extremely economical when it comes to the consumption of gas, water and electricity.” 

Translucent roof panels 

The construction is entirely made of stainless steel with translucent UV-resistant roof panels. The tinted glass partition walls are made of hardened glass and are therefore vandal-proof. The entire car wash is provided with a back wall in sandwich panels. 

The technical area has a surface of 4 by 6 metres, is built up in solid sandwich panels and has a stainless steel inner frame that makes the support columns outside next to the technical area unnecessary. The control panels are contained in free-standing totems. 

Backwards out of wash bay 

Splashwash has made a remarkable routing choice. “The customers have to drive their cars backwards out of the washing bays”, explains lben Schellekens. “This used to be considered a disadvantage, but now it has all sorts of advantages. The customers are protected from rain, gusts of wind and other weather conditions. This procedure is perfect for business owners who want a car wash in a smaller area. In addition, this set-up results in less noise pollution for the people living in the neighbourhood, which is obviously a plus as well.” 

With collected rainwater 

The washing bays are equipped with 6 wash programmes: stop, pre-wash, foam brush, rinse, hot wax and gloss rinse. The reactions of customers are extremely positive. The operation of the car wash can definitely be called ‘green’. It uses the rainwater from the car wash roof, while waste osmosis water is used as cleaning water. Besides, a closed frost system is also used in Sint-Kruis. 

Galvanised mat beaters 

The vacuum cleaners are operated by euros or tokens. That is and will always be generating good revenue for the manager. There are also some additional accessories such as 2 galvanised mat beaters. There are also 2 reinforced plastic bins on the vacuum island. Order and cleanliness come first for manager Picard, that much is clear. 

Advertising banners and washing actions 

Many of the people in Bruges quickly discovered the new Splashwash business. Just about everyone drives past this easy-on-the-eye self-car wash. Young and old, people of all cultures, owners of small cars to sports cars: it is a very diverse customer base. The manager attracts customers through advertising banners and the Splashwash publi trailer. Washing promotions are launched every now and then. 

Ideal for smaller areas 

Car- & Truckwash NV has completed a series of projects in addition to this car wash installation: “We also have the D4 NEW 2000 and Washvision”, says lben Schellekens. “The D4 NEW 2000 is almost the same installation as the D5 NEW 2000, only in the D4 the control panels are integrated in the construction itself, while in the D5 separate totems are provided. In the case of the Washvision, no technical room is provided and the technical installation is located in the construction poles of the car wash. So this is an ideal washing plant for a smaller area.” 

Low threshold for customers 

“The self-car wash is currently popular, the car will always be cleaner if you wash it yourself. For the operator/investor, it is an advantage that the self-car wash works without staff. For the customer, a self-car wash is very accessible and low-threshold. The self-car wash market is currently doing very well. We have had a top year with numerous new car wash projects and car wash renovations. We are also doing extremely well on the export market," says Schellekens. 

Overview of the installation

  • Operator: Yves Picard. 
  • Venue: Maalsesteenweg 325 in 8310 Sint-Kruis (Bruges). 
  • Type of car wash: D5 NEW 2000. 
  • Number of washing programmes: 6, including stop, prewash, foam brush, rinse, hot wax and gloss rinse. 
  • Price per session: 
  • 1 euro = 1 token , 2 euros = 2 tokens, 5 euros = 5 tokens, 10 euros = 10+1 tokens and 20 euros = 20+2 tokens. 
  • Start date: 21 March 2015. 
  • Buying tokens: With bancontact Xenim (without code up to 25 euro). 
  • Extras: Vending machine and water tap. 
  • Number of vacuum cleaner stations: 3. 
  • Main (construction) partners and suppliers: Peter Tant (earthworks) and Nico Vereecke (asphalt works). 
  • Opening hours: 7/7 from 7:00 to 22:00.

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