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Industrial tank cleaning installations

At CTW, we design and build automated and custom installations for the interior cleaning of all industrial tanks, containers and tank vehicles. To do so, we use an integral approach where we involve our clients in the design process. This way, we can perfectly tailor the installation to their facilities and cleaning needs.

Whether it’s a new project or a renovation project, we always guarantee a turnkey finish through decades of experience and our advanced facilities.

Innovative and durable cleaning process

Being an innovative business, we always focus on the durability and eco-friendliness of our realizations. That is why we design our installations to monitor and automate all cleaning processes, to optimize and guarantee a quality result with an efficient use of energy, water and cleaning agents.

Newest technology for tank cleaning

With our own R&D department, we always test and implement the latest technologies and the best materials. This way we ensure that our installations not only meets our clients’ requirements but also complies with the highest standards of safety and hygiene (HACCP and SQAS). We deliver both simple stand-alone units and large custom installations.

  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Food Cleaning
  • Container cleaning
  • Bulk & Silo cleaning
  • IBC cleaning
  • Goederenwagon cleaning

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