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CTW Tank Cleaning installation for Eikelenboom

Food tank cleaning for Eikelenboom

CTW built a new tank cleaning installation for Eikelenboom in Ardooie, Belgium. Eikelenboom European Food Transport is, with more than 50 years of experience, a specialist in the tank transport of liquid food products. After an earlier successful tank cleaning station renovation accomplished by CTW, Eikelenbloom relied on CTW again to build a completely new tank cleaning station. This new facility includes a new food cleaning hall with two washing lanes.

Custom-built tank cleaning

The tank cleaning installation is custom-built to the needs of the company and features a CTW tank cleaning unit (100 bar and 215l/min), two washing lanes for food tankers, four washing heads per washing lane, and a loading platform with a length of nine metres , built according to all safety standards. The station also features two hydraulic fall traps, two rail systems at a length of nine metres and another two 15-metre-long rail systems for manual cleaning. Additionally, CTW integrated into the station a new software that enables Eikelenboom to link its washing orders, forms and European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations (EFTCO) certificates.

Custom-built ctw tank cleaning for Eikelenboom
New software version for operator panel

With the release of the software, CTW has taken into consideration the requests of some of its customers, namely up to 10 steps in the washing programmes. Each separate step in the programme can have its own temperature, etc. Furthermore, CTW can now monitor all data from the washing programme on the screen and all the data is saved and available for graphs and other visualisation. CTW registers water flow, pressure, temperature, and chemical consumption. The new installation will also be equipped with pressure pulse detection. Each pulse is equal to a certain quantity of a chemical product and is also a check for the chemical system.

Software for operator panel ctw tank cleaning

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