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Cotac Group, an international operator of tank cleaning and service facilities, called on our services some years ago to install a latex cleaning station at its site in the port of Antwerp. When the company then also wanted a new tank cleaning installation for its site in the port of Rotterdam, it contacted us again.

Cleaning installation for food and chemical tanks

For Cotac, renovation and expansion were the base for a brand-new food cleaning hall with two washing lanes and a chemical cleaning hall for four containers.

The installation, which was custom-built for Cotac Rotterdam features:

  • Two washing lanes that can each fit two containers at the same time 
  • Six washing heads (five standard, one jumbo) per washing lane
  • Large loading platforms with lengths of 9 and 12m
  • Four hydraulic fall traps
  • Automatic and manual valves
  • Software for washing orders, forms, and certificates
  • Adjustable washing programs
  • Steam injecten
  • Full automatic control options
  • Washing lane accessories: compressed air hoists, automatic hose reels, trolleys and a washing chute for cleaning or drying hoses

Benefits for Cotac

The firm’s new technology included in its tank cleaning units has helped Cotac and will help new clients to achieve the following:

  • 50% less noise in the technical room  
  • 50% less vibrations on the pipework
  • Requires less suface – energy saving

Together with the client, CTW defined the needs concerning Cotac’s food lane. This resulted in an all-in-one system to clean tanks and containers in the quickest and most efficient way possible. After the fine-tuning and the start-up of the cleaning installation, the results were an added value for Cotac.

To offer the best quality and performance, CTW has equipped the chemical washing lanes for the four containers with the best parts of its range.The traditional work method of the customer associated with this new tank cleaning installation makes it possible to provide more capacity.

Other international projects

At CTW, we stay true to our vision: speed, quality and price. Those three pillars make the difference for most customers. Recently, we also signed a new contract with Van Den Bosch Group, a Dutch liquids carrier. For this customer, CTW is installing two container washing lines in the West African country of Ghana.

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