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In order to complete the range of High Pressure and other tank cleaning equipment, CTW Cleaning developed for and in cooperation with Cotac Group the new latex cleaning unit. In the future, the unit will be available in several sizes, depending on the needs of the customers, as not all cleanings are the same.

Iben Schellekens - CTW Cleaning Systems

New latex tank cleaning unit

The CTW Latex Unit consists of following parts ;

  • a buffer tank with steam heating
  • a feeding pump
  • washing heads
  • a membrane pump
  • a filter
  • flow measurement

One of the most important challenges was to have as less as possible parts in contact with the product to avoid agglomeration of the latex etc. Therefore an external heating coil around the buffer tank was used. To avoid foaming, instead of circulating product by use of the pumps, a mixer is installed to have a homogeneous mixture and heating.


Custom tank cleaning

This specific unit was developed for the use of 3 washing heads on 2 washing lanes.

To start with, a 2000L buffer tank is filled with a mixture of water and chemicals and heated up to 85°C. The heating is done by the external steam coil around the isolated tank. The mixer is taking care of the movement of the product in the tank.

An external pump, can feed up to three washing heads, each equipped with automatic valves and connected to the unit through Stainless Steel hoses with Teflon lining.

A membrane-pump than pumps the product with the Latex residue back through a 2” filter into a buffer tank (2000L) where the product can heat again.


Reliable cleaning process

The CTW Latex Unit is protected by a flow meter who will detect eventual problems in flow or product level. A temperature sensor will give an external alarm when the product reaches his lower or higher set point. Through the control panel; the customer can select different programs with different pre-programmed settings in time, temperature, pressure etc. Those settings can easily be changed by the customer without intervention of CTW.

With this completion of the equipment-range, CTW hopes to give its customers new washing possibilities and more complete Tank Cleaning Installations.

This way, CTW will stay a solid partner for all your tank cleaning needs.


"We are very satisfied with the cleaning result! With the new latex system, our latex tank containers are cleaned much faster and much better."

Johan Caluwe - head technical service Cotac Belgium

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