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Food tank cleaning installation

The installation, which is designed for the food sector, was custom-built for Proliv and features:

  • One lane equipment and five cleaning heads
  • Fully automated controlled cleaning process in conformity with the HACCP standards
  • Temperature assurance
  • Disinfection, follow-up and validation of the entire washing process
  • The whole installation is being prepared and tested in Belgium

Today, CTW utilises the latest management system. The use of a touchscreen, for example, enables the client to oversee monitor factors such as pressure, flow, temperature, water consumption, chemicals, etc.

Iben Schellekens - CTW Cleaning Systems

New sustainable high-pressure skid

The project in Minsk involves a new kind of sustainable high-pressure skid. The compact frame exists of two high-pressure pumps (100bar and 215l/min), directly connected (flange) to an electric motor. It also includes frequency regulation, filters, pre-pressure pump, product injection and monitoring.

The tank cleaning system can work on both steam boilers and central heating water. For chemicals and food cleaning, we always use a steam boiler with high pressure steam heat exchangers.


Washing path design

The washing path comes standard equipped with between four and six cleaning heads, which are either pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically driven. Proliv has opted for the cleaning head ‘Rotojet A80R hydraulic’.

The landing platform's equipment can be offered depending on the client’s choice: a length of 4, 6 or 10 m with automatic rollers, brackets or rail system with fall protection, hydraulic drawbridges and safety lines, built according to the safety standards.


Automatic management system

CTW offers a well-considered automatic management system. Each program is adjustable in combination with steam and water recuperation. The PLC-system is connected to a PC by a LON-connection. The PC contains a full customer- and wash program database and can be used for printing documents such as washing vouchers and EFTCO certificates.  


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