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CTW tankcleaning installation for Gobo

New tank cleaning station for Gobo

CTW installed a new tank cleaning station in Lanaken, Belgium for Gobo - a transport and logistics company. The CTW TC Unit, which was designed to clean bulk, liquids, food and containers, was custom built for Gobo and features the following:

  • Two washing lanes with full automatic control options
  • A large loading platform located in the cleaning hall with security sensors
  • Accessories with hoists, washing heads, automatic hose reels and trolleys
  • New developed software from Lynx which enables Gobo to link its washing orders, forms and certificates directly to invoices

Benefits for Gobo

CTW installed a new kind of cleaning unit with soundless high-pressure pumps for the project in Lanaken. Nowadays, noise prevention is an important issue within the tank cleaning sector. Hearing problems caused by noise at work are far too common. Under health and safety laws employers are required to prevent or reduce risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work.

CTW engineering assists its customers by offering a solution to limit noise, vibrations and leakages. The firm’s new technology included in its tank cleaning units has helped Gobo and will help new clients to achieve the following:

  • 50% less noise in the technical room
  • 50% less vibrations on the pipework
  • 50% less chance on leakages


Pratissoli tank cleaning unit CTW

These advantages are the outcome of an innovative construction system within the high-pressure pump unit. The latest CTW system uses a flange connection and efficiently measured water supply.

Elsewhere, the company offers a well-considered automatic management system. Each programme is adjustable in combination with steam and water recuperation. Furthermore, the choice between three kinds of water supply is possible. This includes rain water, city water and pre-heated water.

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