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A new tank cleaning system was installed for H&S group

For 65 years, H&S has been active in the transportation of liquid foodstuffs and currently has several locations across the Netherlands, in Barneveld, Vlissingen and Ter Apelkanaal. For H&S cleaning, quality and innovation are two vital qualities they strive to deliver to all their customers.

CTW Tank Cleaning Unit

The new facility includes a food cleaning system with three washing lanes. A tank cleaning installation custom-built to the needs of the company has resulted in an all in-one system to clean tanks in the quickest and most efficient way possible. To offer the best quality and performance, CTW has equipped the food lanes with the best parts of its range. This includes three CTW tank cleaning units (100 bar and 212 l/min).

Every unit consists of a pre-pressure pump, water filter and pressure transmitter, and is able to provide pressure, temperature and flow measurement. Each pump motor is frequency regulated.

Technical equipment in container for H&S

CTW Manual Cleaning Unit

As well as the tank cleaning units, CTW Cleaning Systems also installed a high pressure unit for manual cleaning, a low pressure dosing unit with six dosing pumps, operator panels, washing heads, pneumatic hoists, dryer, and a nine metre long rail system.

Stationary high pressure unit CTW H&S

Technical installation in container

The entire technical installation is built in a 45ft (13m). container that is placed directly next to the washing lanes. This requires less surface and is very easy to transport. To save extra space, H&S placed the water reservoir on top of the container.

Technical installation in container

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