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A new home and self-service carwash for CTW

In January of 2017, we started off the new year with a bang and moved into our new head office and workplace in Turnhout, Belgium. Moving to this bigger and more modern space allowed us to further improve our services and better test and implement new technologies for our projects. But that’s not all.

Our new building did not only help us to improve our services, but also gave us the opportunity to better promote them. That is why, under the motto “show don’t tell”, we built one of our self-service car wash installations right next to our new home. Because what better way to promote yourself than by showing your clients exactly what you can do right from the start.

A functional outdoor showroom

Our self-service carwash is located right next to our offices, which makes it almost impossible for our clients to miss it when they visit us or come in for a meeting. This also makes for the fact that the installation basically serves as a functional outdoor showroom.

When clients come in for an introductory or general meeting, they can immediately inspect the installation on a full scale and ask us any questions regarding models, functionalities, etc.. Additionally, we also use the installation for demos, tests and training sessions to teach our clients how to manage their installations themselves.

Besides a functional showroom for clients, the installation also serves as a regular self-service car wash that anyone can use. Because of our new opportune location right on the edge of the Turnhout industrial area, we have a lot of surrounding business and passers-by that regularly stop by to wash their cars.

Specifications of the installation

The self-service car wash on our premises is based on our D4 NEW 2000 model and includes:

  • 4 fully equipped washing bays
  • 8 washing programs (stop, rim cleaning, pre-wash, foam lance, foam brush, regular rinse, hot wax, and gloss rinse)
  • Technical/machine room
  • PLC management system
  • Smart payment terminals (wash card, credit card, debit card, smartphone, cash, or tokens)
  • Touch screen control panels
  • Glass divider panels
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Anti-frost system
  • Rainwater collection system

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