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Garage expansion with a self-service car wash in Aalter, Belgium

Back in June 2019, Garage Carlos Verdonck from Aalter contacted us about installing a self-service carwash as an addition to their car repair and car sale services. The owner, Carlos Verdonck, had been looking to expand his services and capitalize on the lack of car washes in the local area. To do this, he contacted us at CTW. A few weeks later, the end result of a fruitful partnership was there to be seen: a modern, well-located and thriving self-service car wash.

carwash garage carlos verdonck

I had heard many positive stories about CTW's installations. I am very satisfied with the results and the achievements of all parties involved.

Carlos Verdonck – owner of garage Carlos Verdonck

A great location and opportunity

One of the first things that stood out to us was the potential of the location. Garage Carlos Verdonck is located in the local industrial area Lakeland, which is home to many businesses looking for a place to clean their vehicle fleet. The garage is also located next to a busy road where many potential customers would pass the self-service car wash daily. Finally, the only other car wash in the area had recently closed down, which meant that there were no other car washes or competitors in the area.

What we did

As soon as Garage Carlos Verdonck contacted us, we got to work and met up to discuss all possibilities and take a look at their location. After our visit, we got started on the design of the installation, for which we also brought in local architect business Sonar Architects.

When we finalised the design, we helped the client with the necessary plans as well as get the required building and environmental permits. We communicated with the local Aalter town council, got their approval and included  their conditions to adjust our plans and get everything ready to start construction.

We built the installation in compliance with all necessary rules and regulations, dug a bioswale for surface runoff and made sure that the environment and surrounding space were not harmed or polluted.

Specifications of the installation

Garage Carlos Verdonck chose our D4 NEW 2000 model for their self-service war wash and got a customized installation that includes:

  • 4 fully equipped washing bays
    • 2 washing bays with a high-pressure lance, a fam brush, a rim cleaner, and a foam lance
    • 2 washing bays high-pressure lance, a fam brush, a rim cleaner, and a Velgroom to clean bicycles
    • All washing bays have elevated roofs in order for owners of bigger vehicles such as work vans to also be able to use the installation.
  • 7 washing programs (rim cleaning, pre-wash, foam lance, foam brush, regular rinse, hot wax, and gloss rinse)
  • Technical/machine room
  • PLC management system
  • Smart payment terminals
    • Customers can pay with a washing card, credit card, debit card, cash, tokens, or through their smartphone
  • Touch screen panels
  • Glass divider panels
  • Car mat beaters
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Floor heating system

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